Monday, January 08, 2007

New Orleans vs. Iraq

Here's an interesting webpage for you:


Paul Dunn said...

To say that New Orleans is more danagerous than Iraq is absolutely preposterous. I also like how this website fails to cite any source for its information.

I'm satisfied that New Orleans is unsafe. But this is just nonsense. I'm sorry.

JC said...

Nice plug for your new site. Or is it Tim's? The comment about the cops is probably yours and I see Tim registered it.

Paul Dunn said...

Whoa... this is your site? C'mon. Shouldn't you be trying to lose weight or something? Speaking of which, did you achieve your target, or am I now $10 richer?

Just move to Conway, Arkansas already.

Mac said...


Look at the number of violent deaths in Iraq as a percentage of their population versus the same data for New Orleans. You will indeed see that Iraq is less dangerous than New Orleans.

I sent you an email about the $10. Double or nothing by July 1st?

JC said...

Looks like Baltimore wants to steal the spotlight.

Paul Dunn said...

You're comparing apples to oranges, and you know it. If you want to contort facts, then go work for CBS. I hear there is an opening for 60 Minutes.

I never got an email. If you want to go double or nothing, then you need to tell me what the parameters are.