Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jamie Lynn Ward = Pickler 2.0

So this girl comes on stage last night on American Idol. She claims she just turned 17 (think of the Winger song!) and she wearing a skin-tight outfit that says "Blue eyed bombshell." Nevermind that the blondeness is fake, she is gorgeous and has eroticized herself so much that the words painted across her pushed-up bosom are ultimately redundant and a tad narcissistic.

As best I can remember, Simon asks her "Tell me something interesting about yourself" to which she replies with something like this:

"I live wit muh granma and muh daddy’s paralyzed from here down. He shot hisself rot here (pointing to the middle of her neck). His whyyyyf wuz cheatin on im, which wuz may stepmomma an he cot em in nee act an it wuddn’t the firstime so like he shot her and he shot hisself and now I liv wif muh granma to help her take care of im, but it’s ok.”

She has become this year's Kelly Pickler. I don't think that Miss Ward has that great of a voice, but her bombshell looks will carry her very far in life, whether on the Idol stage or elsewhere. She will do well.

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brent said...

Who is Kelly Pickler?

Given your description, I think it's possible that her looks may only carry her so far as a stage with a pole (which are sadly quite popular here in Dallas). I hope not.