Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hallelujah! The Waffle House is Smoke Free

Mickelle and I went and saw Children of Men tonight, a really great movie, despite the preachy asides, that we enjoyed and had no real plot holes. After dinner, we decided to go to dinner at the Waffle House. As my hometown has as least 7 Waffle Houses in close proximity, we had our choice of where to go. We chose the one located at Hwy 92 and I-75 on the east side of the exit, as there is one on the west side too. Evidently, Georgia now has a clean air act, as there is no smoking inside. We realized this as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, as every single employee was outside smoking.

I'm sure their productivity has dropped since their workers have to go outside to smoke. The Waffle House is now officially super-awesomer because you can get good food cheaply sans the choking smoking of yesteryear.


Paul Dunn said...

Waffle House has been smoke-free for probably 2 years now. It is great; however, the food consumed there takes about 2 years to digest so I went just to get me some scattered, smothered, covered action. Actually I have probably been there about 2-3 times over the past couple of years.

Normally, whenever I go, there is a fair-sized wait. I'm the kind of man that wants breakfast immediately (camel syndrome, consult Mac for details).

I wish I'd known you were in town, I could've given you your Yipys. Not that you need any Yipys. I'll just call them Marley's Yipys.

Anonymous said...

Ehm, a couple of month ago we went in a WH in Alabama, smoke in the whole restaurant. I think it is only smoke free in the "non smoking states".