Thursday, January 18, 2007

Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron's Homerun Record

Barry Bonds, of course, thinks that McGwire and Rose belong in the Hall of Fame.

Of course you do Barry, because their admission to the hall, without admission of their guilt eases your own questionable entrance. Sad thing is, Mr. Bonds, you would've made the Hall of Fame without the 'roids. You are an amazing ballplayer. Your odious personality aside, you are a gamebreaker. You will make the Hall of Fame. No doubt about it. But, I do not think that you deserve the Honorable (I gave him that title) Henry Aaron's homerun record for your own. Your 73 homeruns (snort) were juiced. Aaron did his the old fashioned way.

You are so prideful that you make it easy to hate you. People wouldn't hate you if you were humble. People wouldn't hate you if you didn't appear to hate them all the time. What do you have to be jaded about? You we born a child of privilege, with a God-given talent that allowed you to play a game and become a millionaire a hundred times over. Look to Dale Murphy for how a man should be when he wears the uniform. Look to Brett Butler. Look to John Smoltz.

I will not cheer or express any excitement when you pass Aaron this year. You just know that your pride will make you shoot for 800.

If you retired today, made a speech that Aaron's record should stand without a shadow of a doubt over it, I would respect you......again. I saw you hit a home run in 1988, May I think it was, at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. I was a frozen rope. It was going straight when it hit the outfield football bleachers in center. It hadn't begun to fall yet. It reminded me of Ruben Sierra's homeruns when he was a rookie. You didn't need the steroids to be great. You already were. Retire now and save face. For the good of everyone, yourself, and your children included.

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