Thursday, December 14, 2006

Foggy Nights in the Big Easy

The last two nights in New Orleans have been fabulous. We've had temperatures in the high 50's and a thick blanket of fog both nights. Tuesday night, I walked home from Tulane at 10 o'clock at night with visibility down to 1/16th of a mile. It was eerily quiet and serene. I felt the moisture in the air with each breath that came across my nostrils. The Christmas lights all glowed with halos as the light refracted around the air.

Last night we went down to the French Quarter and checked out the lights in the Vieux Carre. Jackson Square and the Jax Beer sign were all aglow with lights and the magical amplification that fog lends to lights at night. I've never had a more relaxing enjoyable time in New Orleans. Just Mickelle, I, and the kids went. We strolled along Royal Street, ate some beignets at the Cafe du Monde, walked back down Chartres Street, gazed in windows like Victorian street urchins. Mickelle took a really long time in this one store while we waited outside. I sent Marley in and told her to ask Mommy if she was negotiating the Gadsden Purchase.....realizing as soon as she went in that I had missed a golden punchline with "Louisiana Purchase." Mickelle said Marley said "Are you coshating the Gasoline purchase?"

Good times.

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Frank said...

Ahhh.. I remember, and actually miss nights like those.

Last night it was 19* while driving home at 10:00. It's almost 9am now, and it's 31.9*. :|