Monday, March 27, 2006

Sexual Syndrome in Women?

In all seriousness, I had this condition from age 12-16 and I still have it every morning when I wake up. Nothing worse than sitting there in Mrs. Belk's class at E.T. Booth and getting a ragingly throbbing erection for absolutely no reason--none. I can remember lying to Mrs. Como's math class that I didn't do my homework so I wouldn't have to stand up and write the correct answer on the chalkboard.

Granted, sometimes just looking at a girl was enough for it to happen (several times daily) but other times, it would just spring up for absolutely no perceivable reason. It hurt and not having an outlet could make one suicidal.

I find this syndrome interesting, but I can't imagine most men finding this remarkable as they awake every day with the same phenomenon.

(this whole post was meant as sarcasm)


Norman Sandridge said...

Dear Mac,
I also get/have (I remember your mom once trying to explain to you that the latter is more polite than the former) erections quite frequently, morning, noon, and at night. They are very large (girthwise) and long erections for me. They show through my clothes and cause great aching and discomfort. It does not take much for me to get an erection, just looking at a member of the opposite sex for one second. The erections make me want to have sex with members of the opposite sex. Sometimes I have to fix them. I am a potent man, with many powerful erections.

Tyler said...

LOL!! I remember being in Sunday School when I was around 13 and sitting there hoping the teacher wouldn't call on me to stand up to do something. Low and behold she walks over to me and has me hold this seashell, but not just stand there and hold it, she wanted me to raise it above my head. I did a partial stand-up, raised it quickly, then sat back down. The teacher did the "oh come on, hold it up high" routine. I did the same exact thing, and she finally gave up.

I was worried the whole time that all the girls in the class saw it. However, now that I'm much older, I don't think it would have bothered me.