Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Roe v. Wade for Men

Read this:;_ylt=Ar4XFmh04nKir_sLeTutS2Gs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b2NibDltBHNlYwM3MTY-

While I am against abortion save in cases of rape, incest, or to spare the life of the mother, I understand that it is legal in our country and I think if people are going to do it, I'd rather it be legal than people dying trying to do it anyway. I do feel that all sides should work TOGETHER to limit the number of abortions. Given the polarizations of the ongoing Culture Wars in America, t'aint gonna happen any time soon. Adoption should be the first option for anyone. Abortion should be the last.

I believe that life does not necessarily begin at conception, but rather at some undescribed time between orgasm and the quickening. I believe that a woman's right to choose should describe her right to choose to have sex or not to have sex and that that is inviolable. Termination of a pregnancy ends a life. The rights of the unborn should be equal with the rights of the birthed. As an advocate of sex-after-marriage only, I see that abstinence is crucial to avoiding abortions and "unwanted" pregnancies.

I find the president of NOW's comment at the end of this article to be dumbfounding:

The president of the National Organization for Women, Kim Gandy, acknowledged that disputes over unintended pregnancies can be complex and bitter.
"None of these are easy questions," said Gandy, a former prosecutor. "But most courts say it's not about what he did or didn't do or what she did or didn't do. It's about the rights of the child.

While she is citing the courts' decisions, I think it reflects her own opinion of the situation. At what point to fetuses have rights?

I think this is a clever lawsuit, but I find it dispicable morally. The young man should be ashamed of himself. He had the choice not to have sex with her. That choice will now cost him $500 a month for 18 years. He's the bastard. Not his child.

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paul said...

Just another frivolous lawsuit. To quote Mrs. Boucher from The Waterboy, "Women are the DEVIL!"

Of course, this lady might be evil, but that doesn't exonerate the guy from his own stupidity. But we know the guy is not stupid because he's a computer programmer.

People need to stop making excuses and stop trying to overturn laws that aren't worth overturning. Using the government as your own personal toy is the real crime in this story.