Thursday, March 23, 2006

Can I Object?;_ylt=AsubLZ7CNb5hGWXewUF7YwRH2ocA;_ylu=X3oDMTA3MjBwMWtkBHNlYwM3MTg-
Arab loathing of dogs goes back centuries, probably predating the creation of the Muslim faith. The Muslim Moors that invaded Spain in 711 AD and would have kept going into all of Europe had not my ancestor Charles Martel stopped them at the battle of Tours. The Moors ruled parts of Spain for almost 800 years until Granada fell in 1492. Moors were often referred to as dogs, or can(es) by their Christian subjects. The famed Reconquista or Reconquest saw Christian kings fighting for centuries against their Moorish invaders. The poem of El mío Cid tells of one such adventure, only el Cid serves both Christian and Moorish kings.

Spanish kings were apt to reward their knights that had shown valor in battle by bestowals of different grades of nobility, royal approval of coats of arms, and a royally chosen surname. Perhaps the most obvious of these names is Matamoros. Mata=kill, moros= Moors/Arabs. So there are hundreds of thousands of people today whose last names mean Arab Killer. Another name is Canseco. Can=dog and seco= dry (as in bled dry by wounds). So someone with the last name Canseco literally means dead dog or Dead Arab. The most amazing of these type of last names is Diezcanseco, which would translate to 10 Dead Arabs.

The Spaniards must have sensed the Arab fear of dogs and used this as an insult for them, though it is not uncommon to insult ones enemy with references to canines.

This is soldier's story is such BS. His dog never bit anyone, he just let them think he was going to bite them. I am terrified of dogs and I think that this should be a legitimate interrogation method of hardened terrorists. At least he didn't use an attack pig.

That he is going to jail for this truly makes him a scapegoat. Physical torture and privations are wrong. Embarrassment and shame and fear are fine by me. Or maybe we should turn Jack Bauer loose on anyone we want information from; we are at war after all.

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