Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bush does not equal Hitler

But Kudos to the Colorado school teacher for pointing out the similarities between Bush and Hitler's rhetoric:

That he has been suspended over his lecture is just ridiculous. Teachers should be allowed to make assertions that cause their students to think for themselves. I guaran-damn-tee that this same idea will be presented to them in virtually every college class they take in the next few years. If they aren't allowed to hear controversial ideas in their youth, they will be shocked by the attitudes on college campuses. I listened to the tape recording of the teacher's lecture and he was not calling Bush Hitler. He was pointing out things in common in their speeches.

Free speech, even of crazy ideas, is essential to a rigorous education. If a teacher has to worry about the party line, the education suffers. Rational humans, YES EVEN high school kids, are capable of thinking for themselves. The erudite student will challenge the professor in the classroom to defend his assertion, not be a wuss and tape record it clandestinely and take it to a radio station. What a little shit! Check out the images at the bottom of that page. People that compare anyone to Hitler need to be made to realize that 60 Million people perished as a result of World War II. People should think before invoking Godwin's Law.


Chris said...

I get surprised now several times a week, surprised at what people get riled up over and what they don't. I look at the miscalculations our current government administration has made on several fronts. The outrage peeked quickly then subsided. Now this with the teacher and the Bush/Hitler analogy(in rehtoric only) and WOW! BANG! Media explsion. It's almost as big as Britney driving a getaway from the paparazzi with her daughter on her lap.
Makes me cringe to think where the publics priorities are.

darlamay said...

I think everyone over reacts when they hear the name "Hitler." It reminds me of the "he-who's-name-must-not-be-spoken" character in the Harry Potter series. C'mon! If we don't discuss this man and analyze his tactics, how can we be sure it won't happen again.

As for the educational system, I am really disturbed. There is way too much focus on making sure teachers don't say anything to upset the students. Where else can kids be guarenteed to get a stimulating conversation that forces them to think? Our society will pay deeply in 10/20 years when some of these little "I do no wrong" brats begin to make governing decisions. Either that or we'll be paying extra taxes to support the students who thought life was handed to them on a silver platter, only to blind-sided when college and the real-world come knocking at their door and they just decide to quit.

paul said...

Now if only Bush would commit suicide and Dick Cheney could become president.......