Thursday, February 23, 2006

To protect and to serve and to make asshole racist comments to the wrong person

We went to the Mardi Gras parades tonight. The Krewes of Babylon, Chaos, and the all-women Muses were out in force. Babylon was boring but fun; Chaos had biting sarcastic floats; the Muses had 24 fully decked-out and awesome-throw laden floats. Muses is always a good time. Marley caught a highly prized shoe bracelet. Marley also caught a cool light up bracelet which she somehow lost between the neutral ground (the median in the road) and our car. I went back looking for it, found a lady wearing one, offered to buy it from her for my three year old who lost hers and was beside herself with grief. She asked me if I even had a three year old. I whipped out my wallet and showed her Marley's photo. Her friends then gave her a hard time about karma and she gave it to me. I went back to Marley and told her that I couldn't find hers but that a nice lady had given me hers, so we walked back out to the neutral ground together and Marley thanked the nice lady. Good people abound in New Orleans. Pity so very few of them are police officers.

I went up to a group of 4 police officers (3 white males, 1 black female) and asked them how early I could come put my ladder out on the neutral ground to save my spot for tomorrow's parades. They all told me that I shouldn't. Not one, but two of them, then told me, in sucession that, and I mothertrucking verbatim quote, "There are lots of construction workers around here that speak Spanish and they will steal your ladder." They all laughed heartily. I then said to them, "Yo hablo español y lo que dijeron es muy ofensivo." None of them understood what I then ventured, "You're not from around here are you?"

Dumbfounded, I just mumbled, "Thank you" and walked away. I am going to write a letter to the mayor's office. Nothing will come of it, but damnit, if cops are prejudicial against hard-working people trying to make out city better, then to hell with them. I hope this city become 100% hispanic with hispanic officers and a hispanic mayor. This land used to belong to Spain, vale que se convierte en hogar para los hispanohablantes otra vez.


JC said...

Don't make me come down there and take your ladder. Did you warn them not to mess with the Messicans or they might have to deal with their Messican Judo?
BTW, my CAPTCHA for this post is mexiwg. I thought the first 4 letters were fitting.

paul said...

One the one hand, part of me says, "Freedom of speech, baby. Freedom of speech." However, on the other hand, these people work for the City of New Orleans. It is a damn shame that a city that claims to be as diverse as New Orleans has to hire white trash in a feeble attempt to protect the city.

Mac said...

Juan Carlos, now I know what CAPTCHA is, thanks for educating me.

Paul, freedom of speech as a private citizen. Police officers are not civilians, and as employees are responsible to their employers, the citizens. I got in trouble for swearing at the customer at McDonald's that came in drunk late one night, saw my nametag, and said, "I'll have two of you big boy." And the cops are just white trash, black cops are just as racist as the white ones. Everyone's not racist in the presence of the Other. It's what said when the Other isn't around that shows people true colors.