Monday, February 27, 2006

Lundi Gras

So I got up at 5:15 AM to be out on St Charles Ave by 6AM to pick up beads and doubloons from the FIVE count 'em FIVE parades held yesterday. Since it rained on Saturday, Endymion reschuled for yesterday. The trash was so deep that when I arrived at my church, they were still a block Metairie side of the church. I walked all the way down to Jackson Ave and back and picked up THREE bead bags full of beads with medallions connected to them. It was fun.

Tonight's parades were ho-hum. Proteus only throws their seahorses and Orpheus didn't have many medallion beads this year. I don't know why. I did get to see Josh Hartnett and Steven Seagal in the flesh, so I guess that could be considered a highlight. I am writing this from the clerk's office of the church because I am camped out on the neutral ground holding our place for Mardi Gras tomorrow.

Mardi Gras Madness
New Orleans
Throw me somethin' mister,
The crowds all scream
Hail to Bacchus
And all his krewe
The party don't stop
The whole night through
Hail Bacchus,
And New Orleans!

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paul said...

Nobody's responded to your post, so maybe I should ramble something.

So along comes Ash Wednesday... which bears the question, what are you giving up for Lent? There are some things I simply can't give up for the next 40 days: baseball, meat, my Treo, March Madness.

Okay, I probably could give those things up. I just don't wanna. However, perhaps there is something I could give up that might benefit my fellow man. I mean, those things I mentioned above, if I gave those up, does it really benefit anyone? Other than cows?

I'm not Catholic, so I've never really entertained the idea of fasting for Lent. I know, the idea of making a sacrifice is supposed to be a tribute or homage to Jesus for 40 days. But, he made his sacrifices for the good of man, right?

So what can we give up for the good of man? Perhaps I could drive more carefully or help out at the local soup kitchen (i.e., give up some of my time). What do you think?