Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Laptops and losing my temper

So my old laptop was 8 years old, a WinBook SI running Windows 98 and holding on for dear life. It was 120 in laptop years and was no longer reliable. I bought a brand new Dell laptop. It is a beauty, and is fast and hopefully--reliable. My other one crashed more than Courtney Love. And today it crashed for the last time. I have continued using my old laptop because I am waiting for the delivery of MS Office to arrive in the mail. Office costs $180 from Dell, but because I am a student, I can purchase it through Tulane for less than $70. I have no word processor on the new laptop yet, so I have been making do with the old one.....until about an hour ago. After it crashed on me for the sixth time "Explorer is not responding", and instead of rebooting it went into safe mode three times and then kept giving me a "windows safety error, you must restart" message, I did what anyone would do, I punched the ever loving snot out of it, right smack dab above the hard drive. In my defense, I once saw my dad fix a stuck head on a Kaypro hard drive this way. My computer rebooted itself and now will only run the BIOS and then says, "No operating system detected." I took it apart to see if I had disconnected the HDD--nope. I done broke it bad. Luckily I emailed my dissertation to myself before my tantrum.

A queer, almost perverse sense of pride fills me as I look upon the dross of my moment of anger.

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