Monday, February 06, 2006

Finally some Conservative evolution

Conservatives denying science and preaching "intelligent design" to politicians may have met their match in the Republican and Christian bastion of Utah. If pending legislation doesn't pass in Utah, it may kill the whole movement...which is good. Evolution is a fact. Calling it a theory is arbitrary. BYU teaches evolution...not because it has to...

Anyone who doesn't see the fact of evolution in the mixing of parents in their children, or the breeding of plants and animals is just clueless about how life works. Evolution and religion can go hand in hand. Agreeing with evolution isn't denying the Christ or the Story of the Creation.

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dj-anakin said...

Exactly. I believe in evolution. But, I think I believe it had to start somehow. It needed a little nudge, before it took over and we got the variety we have today.