Friday, November 18, 2005

Coconut is a diuretic

I've been making Thai food for myself at home lately. My friends Mike and Kristen Lindsey made some Thai curry for me at their home back in April when Mickelle and Marley were in Utah. I've made it about five times for myself since we've been stuck in Georgia. Coconut milk is a principle ingredient in the curry dishes I've been preparing.

When I lived in Costa Rica we drank lots of agua de pipa, or the water of a green coconut is usually naturally cool, super sweet, thirst quenching, and very very cheap. Coconut palms super filter the water, so pipa won't make you sick. I had forgotten that pipa water has a powerful, sometimes as little as five minutes, diuretic effect on the body. I remember having a pipa drinking contest once in Puntarenas. I think someone actually had to pee 5 minutes later. We all drank 5 pipas and then waited to see who had to pee first. Stupid cheap contest for young men to engage in.

I had Thai food for lunch yesterday. I had to urinate like 15 times yesterday. The connection between coconuts and the bathroom has been made again in my brain.

Talked to my landlord--the power is back on, but no gas yet. Shouldn't be long now.

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